1. Schedule a FREE Inspection With Xtreme Roofing & Construction

A yearly inspection of your roof is necessary if you live in a hurricane-prone location. Before hurricane season begins, one of our skilled contractors should inspect your roof to make sure there are no problems that a storm could exacerbate. The optimum time to hire a professional to make repairs and double-check the integrity of your roof is before hurricane season.

2. Trim Neighboring Trees & Clear Nearby Debris

The presence of too many branches close to your roof is another issue that has to be repaired before hurricane season. Tree branches that are torn or brush up against the roof can cause a vast amount of damage.

3. Clear Gutters & Drains

Since your gutter system directs water from your roof system to the ground, it is crucial to clean and check that they are clear. If your gutters are blocked, the water will back up and sit on your roof, increasing the likelihood that water may enter your building.

4. Keep Up With Regular Maintenance

The first step to preventing hurricane roof damage is by keeping up with regular maintenance throughout the year. This means calling a professional to come to your home and look over your roof.

5. Go Over Your Insurance Policy

The aftermath of a hurricane passing through your area could be hectic. By having all of your documents ready and in a location that is both safe and convenient to access, you can be one step ahead.

List of documents and ideas you may want to consider having access to prior to a Hurricane:

  • Any applicable warranties
  • Insurance documentation
  • Any before photos
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