At Xtreme Roofing & Construction, we’ve earned a reputation for providing excellent Daytona Beach, FL roof inspection services. Keeping a sharp eye on your roof throughout the year can help you spot changes that can lead to damage to your home. When you are buying or selling homes, let us inspect your roof to assess its condition. Your local, Daytona Beach Roofing Pros are standing by and ready to serve the community.

However, in addition to your inspections, you should bring in a professional to scan your roof for hard-to-see problems. Many roofing concerns like leaks, structural, and damaged flashing aren’t visible from the ground. Keep your roof in peak condition for as long as possible by working with a certified roof inspector in Daytona Beach.

Daytona Beach Roof Inspection

During an inspection, your roofer will check both your roof’s structure and the quality of its materials. They’ll inspect the soffit under the roof overhang and make sure no water has gotten under the fascia. The best way to survey your shingles is to get on your roof and look for any cracks, blistering standing water, or excessive algae growth.

Roof penetrations like your vents and pipes can quickly become points of weakness if their seals fail. Your roofer will confirm that every major part of your roof from the gutters to the chimney flashing is still in good condition. They’ll even go inside your home to check for water stains or damaged insulation in your attic.

Generally, it’s beneficial to schedule a professional roof inspection at least once a year. This ensures your roofer can catch any significant shingle problems early, saving you future repair costs. You should also consider getting an inspection after a heavy storm. Lots of rain, heavy winds, and thrashing tree branches can take a serious toll.

If you need to make a storm claim to your insurance, you’ll have to have the damage professionally appraised and documented. Finally, roof inspections or appraisals can be helpful when you’re trying to sell your home. A clean bill of health for your roof is a great selling point and gives potential buyers peace of mind.

Check out these amazing benefits of expert roof inspections in Daytona Beach:
  • Ensures effective gutter drainage
  • Helps you prep for replacement
  • Detects problems early
  • Extends roof’s lifespan
  • Guarantees uninterrupted indoor comfort