If you need Roof Repair near The Villages, FL, look no further than Xtreme Roofing & Construction. Our professionals can provide your home or business with a variety of roofing services in The Villages. A sound roof is essential to any building because it is the structure’s first line of defense against the elements.

When a roof is in poor shape, the situation can lead to leaks and additional problems like interior mold and mildew. A sound roof is also essential to energy efficiency in our warm Florida climate.

Top Roof Repair in The Villages

No one offers more comprehensive care than Xtreme Roofing & Construction when you need residential roof services in The Villages. Whether you need a new roof or require repairs on the one you have due to tropical storms or other high-wind events that can cause damage, our professionals are here to help.

Your roof represents a substantial investment, so you want to keep it in the best possible shape. Keeping up with maintenance will extend the life of your home’s roof.

When the time comes for a new roof, we’ll take care of all the details. You can trust our team to take care of all paperwork, ensure that the installation will meet the rules of your homeowner’s association, and pull any permits needed for construction.

Benefits of roof repair include:
  • Prevents major roofing problems
  • Avoids pest infestation
  • Extends roof lifespan
  • Provides peace of mind

Protecting your business assets is just as important as protecting your home. That’s why Xtreme Roofing & Construction offers complete commercial roof services in The Villages. We can provide your business with a variety of roofing systems, including traditional commercial roofs, metal hangers, and the innovative Ure-A-Sail system that can save companies money on energy costs.

Our professionals will complete your roofing repair, new installation, or other work with as little disruption to your business as possible.