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XTREME isn’t just in our name!

We love to take on challenging projects and are


Beginning way before the first roof panel ever gets installed.

We walk with our customers each step of the way from the initial inspection, proposal, permits, and installation, so there are only good surprises. Since we are also General Contractors, we have extensive knowledge and resources that help move projects along faster and more cost-effectively. Check out our various services below and then schedule an appointment to get your project started!


When replacing or repairing your roof due to storm damage or age, you are faced with insurance companies, HOA approvals, city permits, and so much more.

Residential Roofing

Do the piles of paperwork and the list of crucial decisions make you feel like going through the roof instead of looking forward to one?


At Xtreme Roofing we take care of all the hassle and headache so you don’t have to. We will work with your HOA for approvals, obtain city permits, and help with insurance to get your roof repaired within 7-14 days.

Check out our Residential Projects!


Commercial Roofing

As a roofing company, we have years of experience in roofing commercial properties. We specialize in using Ure-A-Sail to save you money in energy costs for your business. We have experience not only in traditional roofs but also in metal hangars and other similar roofs. We offer professional, quick and efficient work for your commercial roofing needs.

Check out our Commercial Projects!

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As part of our integrated experience, we offer options for your Commercial or Residential Roofing Loan! All financing availability, terms and conditions are subject to approval.