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Roofs are a dangerous place for most homeowners, so getting a professional roofing advisor to do your inspection is always recommended. If you think you might have damage to your roof, the first step for you is to have a qualified roofing professional inspect your roof. 

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5 Easy and Fast Steps for Roof Replacement

Our highly qualified Roof Inspector will have extensive training and knowledge about hail and wind damage assessment and important experience and understanding in the Insurance Claim Process. These roofing inspectors are experts at identifying damage that most untrained eyes might miss. Next step is to provide you with pictures, an inspection summary and all the information you will need to submit a claim if your roof is damaged by weather. If your roof is found to have damage, our 20 plus years of experience will lead you through the process of properly documenting the damage and the insurance claim requirements.

If your roof is determined to have un-repairable damage due to hail or wind, your Insurance company will need to verify the damage and approve a claim for replacement. XTREME Roofing has been working with homeowners and Insurance companies for over 20 years and we understand the process for approval and what the insurance companies need to make a proper decision on your claim. Your Xtreme Roofing Inspector can help answer questions you may have during the Insurance Claim process. If the Insurance company agrees that your damage is covered under your policy, you will receive an approval for replacement. Now it gets fun!

Xtreme Roofing is certified at the highest levels by the top manufacturers. Our elite status with the manufacturers gives you several benefits including a fantastic variety of roofing options, types, warranties and colors for you to choose from. Roofing materials have come a long way recently and a new roof can make your home look almost new as well! Your roofing inspector will help you choose the new roof you will be proud to show off and see every time you drive up to your home.

Installing your new roof system is a big job. We must first remove and dispose of the old damaged roof, being careful to keep your yard and surrounding area clean of debris. Next we prepare the stripped down roof deck with underlayment to prevent any wind driven rain from reaching the roof deck. Your new shingles are installed along with advanced ventilation systems that help keep your attic cooler in summer to prevent damage to the roof system over the years.

After your roof is installed, we make sure to carefully patrol your property for remaining debris and clean the entire work area. We want your home and landscaping to be just as we found it before your new roof was installed. We will inspect the new roof to ensure it is properly installed and will meet the warranty specifications for coverage. Your warranty and our commitment to excellence ensures your roof will be properly covered and managed throughout the years of warranty coverage.

1. The consumer is responsible for payment of any insurance deductible;

2. It is insurance fraud punishable as a felony of the third degree for a contractor to knowingly or willfully, and with intent to injure, defraud, or deceive, pay, waive, or rebate all or part of an insurance deductible application to payment to the contractor for repairs to a property covered by a property insurance policy;

3. It is insurance fraud punishable as a felony of the third degree to intentionally file an insurance claim containing any false. incomplete, or misleading information.