Look no further than Xtreme Roofing & Construction for hassle-free Port Orange, FL roof inspection. Preventative roofing care can save you a lot in future repair services and replacement fees. While you may want to skip bringing in a roofing professional and instead inspect your roof yourself, you likely won’t have the training or tools to efficiently spot early signs of trouble.

An experienced roof inspector in Port Orange can examine your roof’s structural, material, and installation quality. They’ll also be able to let you know when certain areas are in trouble or when you should consider a replacement.

Port Orange Roof Inspection

Your inspection will begin with your roofer examining the look and structure of your roof from the ground. They’ll check for any visible sagging, water-logged fascia or damaged soffit. When they get on your roof, they’ll be able to see the condition of your shingles as well as your roof penetrations.

Up close, your roofer may spot signs of cracking, curling, or buckling. They could also find problems with your gutters like excessive grit or vegetation. These inspections include checking your attic for any water stains, rotting wood, or pests. In extreme cases, they may find light shining through the rafters or holes in the ceiling or walls.

Physical roof inspections are the most common and least expensive option. A certified roofing inspector will check your downspouts, windows, chimney, drip edges, attic, and more. At the end of the service, they’ll provide a thorough diagnostics report as well as remediation recommendations. An infrared roof inspection guarantees a more detailed examination of your roof.

Using advanced infrared technology will ensure your roofer catches all cracks and leaks that may not be visible to the human eye. You may require a drone roof inspection if it’s not safe to stand on your roof. This is typically necessary for very steep roofs or those that are structurally unsound. The drone will take pictures and videos of the roofer that your roofer will then analyze.

You can expect these great benefits when you request a Port Orange Roof Inspection:
  • Detects roof issues early
  • Extends roof’s lifespan
  • Protects warranty
  • Ensures indoor energy efficiency
  • Lowers risk of premature replacement